WHO: The Ford Institute Leadership Program (FILP) Estacada Cohort

WHAT: Revitalizing and enhancing of the Estacada School Districts' woodland area. Ranger Woods is located between the High School and the adjacent cemetery.

Top priorities for activities include: removal of invasive plant species (e.g. ivy and blackberries) and trash, erosion control (i.e. mulching and replanting/seeding with native species) and developing a plan for improvements to the trail system and timber.

Other desirable activities: Improvement of wildlife habitat, placement of benches, establishment of a picnic area, and entrance signs. Other ideas put forth: grooming side trails, improving fitness equipment outside the wooded area, interpretive signage (educational), dog poop bag station, thinning the timber, and placement of garbage cans.

SPONSORS: Ranger Woods is sponsored by The Ford Family Foundation of Roseburg, Oregon. The project is an official Project Oregon program through SOLV that provides work supplies. The FILP Estacada Cohort has partnered with the Estacada Community Foundation, and donations are tax deductible (as the law allows). Donations of equipment, supplies, plants, professional services, and funds are needed.

WHY: The intent of this service project is to improve community safety, create a more sustainable and productive natural area, and provide opportunities for multiple uses by students and residents. The Estacada Cohort is pleased to be participating in a project that will add to the health, livability, and community pride of Estacada.

For more information about the project visit their website:

Questions about volunteering with the project contact:
Lisa Brookshier 503-577-1279, email: info@ecf1.org
Sarah Hibbert at 503-752-0913, email: mommy_with_2kids@hotmail.com

We are recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization, meaning that your gifts are tax deductible as the law allows.

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